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Contact Details

Tel: 07956737541
Driving License: Full UK valid driving license
Nationality: British

Personal Profile

Current Research Assistant at the University of Leicester and previous GIS officer at the British Antarctic Survey with an MSc in GIS and Remote Sensing and advanced skills in both academic and commercial GIS / Remote sensing application. I am a highly-motivated problem solver capable of achieving goals both alone and in a team setting. I am Eager to apply my developed skills in a challenging work environment. I am based in Nottingham and happy to relocate for work.

Educations and Qualifications

2012– 2013 : Aberystwyth University, MSc GIS and Remote Sensing (Merit)
2009– 2012 : Aberystwyth University, BSc (Hons) Physical Geography (Second Class Honours, Division One)

Previous Experience and Employment

Research Assistant (01/09/2017 – Present day)
University of Leicester
Current RA for the ISMORTASED (Identification of Sites for Micro-Hydropower On Rivers Through Applied Satellite and Environmental Data) project. I am responsible for the design, development and deployment of an open-source automated mapping tool that identifies viable micro-hydropower sites along rivers across Sub-Saharan Africa. This project has allowed me to learn advanced python modelling skills (modelling meteorological datasets, catchment hydrology, uncertainty analysis) that combine environmental and satellite-derived datasets to identify potential micro-hydropower development sites on a national scale. This project has required research fieldwork in rural Uganda & Nigeria and collaboration with commercial and research partners in the department and internationally.

GIS Officer (01/11/2016 – 01/09/2017)
British Antarctic Survey
Developed an open-access, web-based GIS for the Pine Island Glacier system, primarily based on datasets from the NERC iSTAR Antarctic Research Programme ( I was responsible for processing all iSTAR datasets and producing geospatial outputs for the web-based GIS employing open-source software (QGIS, Geoserver). This project has required me to work with a wide range of academic staff from a variety of international research institutions and provide technical GIS support.

Agricultural worker / Farm Hand (10/12/2015 - 20/04/2016)
Moraitis Farms Ltd.
Worked for a family-owned grape farm in Victoria, Australia during harvest season.

Mapping Consultant (01/05/2015 - 02/06/2015)
University of Leicester
Conducted a mapping project with a Lecturer (Loretta Lees) spatially identifying the migration of tenants in London employing migration line mapping in open-source software (QGIS). Project required individual work and creativity to deliver spatial data.

Remote Sensing Consultant (01/04/2015 - 02/06/2015)
University of Leicester
Part of a small consultancy team (staff at Leicester University) who conducted a commercial research project investigating the use of ASTER/Hyperspectral imagery for mineralogical and lithological identification in Zambia. This project required technical expertise, creativity to resolve issues and employed Erdas Imagine, QGIS and ENVI.

Research Assistant (05/01/2015 - 02/06/2015)
University of Leicester - Based at GSTEP and Space Research Centre
6 month contract extension as part of Earth Observation Science Group ’Urban Traffic and Air Quality’ developing ‘Hot Spot Mapper’ GIS prototype employing open-source GIS solutions (GDAL, QGIS, OGR and Twitter API's) for data analysis. I also provided mapping expertise and technical support to air quality colleagues and cooperated with research and management staff to achieve a variety of geospatial solutions.

Research Assistant (03/03/2014 - 05/01/2015)
University of Leicester - Based at GSTEP and Space Research Centre
10 month contract working on ISMORTASED project (Identification of Sites for Micro-hydropower On Rivers Through Applied Satellite and Environmental Data) as a Research Assistant for the Department of Geography. I developed a novel prototype GIS system in Python and ArcGIS that utilised Earth Observation (Airborne/LiDAR, Satellite) and GIS datasets (Population, SSSI's, Flood risk) to identify viable hydropower river sites nationally from DEM generation and hydrological modelling. The project required me to manage workloads and have regular internal/external meetings with academic/commercial end-users from a variety of disciplines/cooperating institutions. I was based in an office environment and produced technical reports and conducted ground-truthing survey field work. The project itself also required extensive problem solving using computer programming (python) to design, consolidate and produce a working commercial prototype from a multitude of spatial data.

GIS Graduate placement (15/01/2014 - 02/03/2014)
GSTEP (Copernicus project)
Graduate placement with G-STEP involving GIS and Remote Sensing techniques to map urban tree crown cover in the U.K in collaboration with the company ‘Bluesky’.

GIS and Remote sensing intern (01/06/2013 - 20/08/2013)
Forest Research Wales
As part of my Masters scholarship (‘Access to Masters’) I worked as part of the Forest Research Wales office team for three months to complete my dissertation.

GIS Analyst (07/01/2013 - 08/02/2013)
Welsh Government
Five week placement with the GI policy unit at Welsh Government. I designed and delivered a project which investigated the use of GIS techniques for investigating Phytophthora Ramorum disease in Bilberry within Wales using and synthesising environmental and earth observation data.

Skills and Expertise

GIS: ESRI ArcGIS Suite (9.3 and 10.1+), Python, GDAL, OGR SQL, Model builder, Geo-statistical analysis, Google Earth, open source GIS software (QGIS, GRASS), thematic map production, GIS consultancy, geodatabases, exploratory and automated analysis, spatial mapping and data production, data digitisation and classification.

Remote Sensing: ENVI, ERDAS IMAGINE, SNAP and eCognition analysis of digital & analogue datasets (Aerial and Satellite imagery/EO Datasets), Land cover mapping/monitoring and temporal change, biodiversity conservation, demographic and census data, flood risk mapping, imagery analysis, habitat suitability modelling, hydrological modelling, vegetation and geological/lithological mapping, ecological analysis.

Field Surveying: GPS / Differential GPS surveying, UAV, Ordnance Survey products and data, Collection of field-based data (Habitat mapping, ecosystem monitoring and river discharge/hydrology) for supporting analysis.

Project work: Strong team player and self-motivated worker, data processing and management, conference/seminar presentations, technical report writing, statistical data analysis, teaching GIS/RS, liaison with academics/companies and stakeholders, problem solving, programming

IT Experience: Extensive experience in MS Office suites